Sunday, December 25, 2011

occaasional piece #3

milo's world, continued...

milo dreams of london bridge

milo woke up with a start, his forehead shiny with sweat.  the clock by his bed read 4:24, but in his mind he was still in the dream.  it was so vivid that he had trouble reconciling the fact that he was in bed and not standing by a river.  he knew no one there, but by the river there were scores of people who knew him and they were all clapping him on the back and smiling.  he had won!  he wasn't sure what he had won, but he only knew that it felt so good to have everyone smiling at him.  the man, at least he thinks it was a man had told him that if he only went to london bridge, all he wanted would be his.

and so, just like that, milo had found his way to london by taking a bus to boston and a plane across the atlantic.  he remembered that in his dream -- in the way of dreams -- that everyone thought he was so brave traveling alone all that way and it made perfect sense to travel alone, even at his young age. 

too excited to sleep now, milo got up started making a list of things he would need to take to london bridge.  probably some clothes and food and money, though he figured he would have plenty of money when he got there.  he couldn't wait to tell devin that he was going to london.  maybe he could take devin with him, but he wasn't in the dream so maybe that would mess things up.  no, it'd be better if he went alone, he thought.

"you know, london bridge is in arizona now" said devin when he told him of his dream.  "not london.  it was sold to some man years ago.  my mom told me."

"well then," milo said with a smile, "guess i'm going to arizona."